• Experimental archaeology
  • Tool Manufacture
  • Animal processing
  • Harvesting
  • Use-Wear Blind Test
  • Wear on tools
  • Mechanical properties
  • Worn areas and Surface Topography
  • Wear and Nanorheology
  • OUP Anatolia
  • ObsidianUs
  • Geology of the Göllüdağ
  • Sourcing
  • Macroscopical aspects
  • Large Blades and Lever Technique
  • Obsilab 2013
  • Obsilab 2013 Photos
  • Bref aperçu sur les outillages osseux d’Aşıklı Höyük
  • Tribology in motion

Tribology in motion

Published 20 April 2014 at 13 h 06 min - No Comments

What's that? Tribology in motion! New approaches of tools used to work plants are conducted by the LTDS of ECL for Obsidian Use Project. The work on plant materials is done in collaboration with L. Astruc et P. Anderson. IWEBIX Webdesign

Obsidian researches in Göllüdağ

Published 27 May 2013 at 15 h 50 min - No Comments

Obsidian sourcing in Cappadocia K. Erturaç et al.  in: R. Tykot, The Gold Anniversary of Obsidian Sourcing: 50 Years of Research Around the World, 79th Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology, in Austin, TX, April 23-27, 2014.. Göllüdağ Obsidiyen Araştırmaları Korhan Erturaç et al., 28 May 2013, Muğla, 35. Uluslararası Kazı, Araştırma ve Arkeometri […]

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