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Obsidian Sourcing SAA

The International Association of Obsidian Studies (IAOS) is sponsoring a session at the 79th Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology, in Austin, TX, April 23-27, 2014. Organizer: R. Tykot. Working title: The Gold Anniversary of Obsidian Sourcing: 50 Years of Research Around the World. Short description: This session honors the 50 years of research […]


Geo-referenced sampling: three scales Within the Göllüdağ Volcanic Complex obsidians are found in the form of outcrops, blocks (bombs) and secondary sources. Almost all of these outcrop types have been sampled  to illustrate the variability in their geochemical and geomagnetic characteristics throughout the Göllüdağ complex (1). It is thus possible to work at a very […]

Geology of the Göllüdağ

The geology of the Göllüdağ volcanic complex has been studied intensively (Mouralis 2002, Mouralis 2003, Türkecan et al. 2004, Binder et al. 2011). The focus of the Obsidian Use Project is to propose for the first time a detailed cartography of the obsidian sources (K. Erturaç, ANR post-doctoral fellow  in CNRS/IFEA, Sakarya University, Balkan et […]

GIS for the Göllüdag

The collaboration between the OUP and the KAOP directed by N. Balkan-Atli (Istanbul University) lead to a GIS which integrated the geological and archaeological data acquired by K. Erturaç (Post-doctoral Fellowship ANR/IFEA). Balkan-Atlı N., Kuhn S., Astruc L., Kayacan N., Dinçer B., Balcı S., in collaboration with K. Erturaç, M. Grenet, 2011, Göllüdağ Survey 2010, […]