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Wear and Nanorheology

Mechanical characterization of worn areas on used obsidian tools Are worn areas characterized by thin coatings made of transferred debris from the worked material ? Or are they due to the transformation of the obsidian due to repeated friction against the worked material ?    1. Measurement of elastoplastic properties of polishes by nanoindentation During […]

Worn areas and Surface Topography

For optical observation, different scales of measurement were employed. Macro-scale analysis was conducted with a confocal microscope, which permits measurements of maximum amplitude of 3 mm with a resolution in Z of 10 nm. Micro-scale analysis was conducted with an interferometer which allows measurements with maximum amplitude of 1 mm and a resolution in Z […]

Mechanical properties

An indentation test has been employed to evaluate the mechanical properties of Anatolian obsidian. Different fracture modes are observed during Vickers indentation as it is shown by residual damages. The influence of the chemical composition of the volcanic glasses on its hardness and brittleness is discussed, and, the notion of densification/shear is proposed as an […]