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Report L. Astruc, S. Bec (coordinatrices), 2012, Obsidian Us, 'Obsidiennes, Pratiques techniques et Usages en Anatolie (8500‐5000 av. JC)', Projet ANR-08-BLANC-0318-CSD9, Programme BLANC 2008, Rapport scientifique, Février 2012, 387 p.   Papers Altinbilek C., Astruc L., Binder D., Pelegrin J., 2012, Pressure blade production with a lever in the Early and Late Neolithic of the […]


The Obsidian Use Project (OUP) has its roots in 2000 in the development of research into obsidian technology conducted in Upper Mesopotamia and Cyprus by L. Astruc. At this point, little was known about the use of obsidian tools in the Near-East and the need for reference collections for technological and use-wear analysis was obvious. […]

OUP Anatolia

The utilization of obsidian, a natural volcanic glass, within the Anatolian communities is at the core of 'ObsidianUs' project. Obsidian, extracted from two regions, Central Anatolia and Eastern Anatolia, was widely distributed in the Near-East. These raw materials were transported over hundreds of kilometres, most probably through exchange networks. The mechanical properties of obsidian allow […]