The project started with a CNRS Young Researcher Program (ATIP) 2006-2007 (L. Astruc, CNRS/ArScan) in collaboration with the Section of Prehistory of Istanbul University (N. Balkan-Atlı) ‘Anatolian Obsidians and Network Exchanges: Methodological Approaches and Archaeological issues’ (University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain, IFEA, LTDS-Ecole Centrale de Lyon, ArScan-UMR 7041-Paris X and I University, France). From this, the 'ObsidianUs' project was born.

‘ObsidianUs’ (Obsidians, Technical practices and Social Use in Anatolia) is a research program combining archaeology and tribology, and is coordinated scientifically by L. Astruc (CNRS/IFEA/ArScan). The institutional partners are the CNRS in the French Institute of Anatolian Studies (USR3131) associated with the Section of Prehistory of Istanbul University (N. Balkan-Atlı) and the LTDS at Ecole Centrale de Lyon (S.Bec, H. Zahouani, UMR5513). The program was financed by the ANR-Agence Nationale de Recherche (ANR-08-BLANC-0318-CSD9) between 2008 and 2012 and is being prepared for publication.

A number of teams and projects are involved which are listed below.

Geology of the Cappadocian Region: K. Erturaç (ANR/IFEA, Sakarya U.), in collaboration with L. Astruc (IFEA/ArScan), B. Gratuze (IRAMAT), S. Nomade (LSCE), D. Mouralis (Rouen University), C. Kuzucuoglu (LGP).

GIS Survey: K. Erturaç (ANR/IFEA, Sakarya U), with B. Dincer (Ardahan U./IU) and a contribution from L. Astruc.

The Göllüdağ SurveyKapodokya Obsidien Arastirmalari Projesi directed by N. Balkan-Atlı (UI), with S. Kuhn, L. Astruc, N. Kayacan, S. Balcı , B. Dinçer, M. Grenet, N. Altunevlek.

Roads and Seafaring: M. Godon (ANR/IFEA), E. Jean (Mardin U.), in collaboration with L. Astruc.

Experimental Archaeology (2009): L. Astruc (CNRS/IFEA), C. Altınbilek (IU), S. Balcı (IU), M. Ben Tkaya (LTDS), C. Bontemps (INRAP), S. Ducret, (TraceEdge), B. Gassin (TRACES), N. Kayacan (IU), K. Kayan (IU), N. Kurt (IU), O. Oral (IU), J. Pelegrin (Préhistoire et Technologie), A. Rodríguez Rodríguez (ULPGC), Ö. Toprak (IU), L. Torchy (TRACES), M. Özbaşaran (IU).

Aşıklı: L. Astruc (CNRS/IFEA), M. Özbasaran (IU), N. Balkan-Atli (IU), S. Balcı, N. Kayacan, C. Altinbilek (IU).

Musular: L. Astruc (CNRS/IFEA), M. Özbasaran, N. Kayacan (IU).

Pınarbaşı: L.Astruc (CNRS/IFEA), D. Baird (U. of Liverpool), A. Pirie (U. of Reading).

Boncuklu: L.Astruc (CNRS/IFEA), D. Baird (Liverpool U.), A. Pirie (Reading U.).

Gelveri: L.Astruc (CNRS/IFEA), S. Gülcur (IU), O. Özbudak (IU).

Aşıklı obsidian bracelet: L. Astruc (CNRS/IFEA), R. Vargiolu (LTDS), M. Ben Tkaya (LTDS), H. Zahouani (LTDS), M. Özbasaran, N. Balkan-Atli (IU).

Arpachiyah links: R. Vargiolu (LTDS), A. Boléti (ArScan), L. Astruc (CNRS/IFEA), E. Healey (University of Manchester), S. Campbell (University of Manchester), S. Fletcher (British Museum), .

Domuztepe obsidian vessels and mirrors: R. Vargiolu (LTDS), A. Boléti (ArScan), L. Astruc (CNRS/IFEA), E. Healey (University of Manchester), S. Campbell (Manchester U), H. Zahouani (LTDS).

Mechanical Properties: M. Ben Tkaya, I. Lahouj, R. Vargiolu, H. Zahouani (LTDS), L. Astruc (CNRS/IFEA), L. Bellot‐Gurlet (UPMC/LADIR).

Mechanisms of Wear: R. Vargiolu, M. Ben Tkaya, H. Zahouani (LTDS), L. Astruc (CNRS/IFEA).

Nano-Rheology: S. Bec; S. Pavan, (LTDS).

Bone industry: R. Christidou (Wiener Laboratory/Archéorient), H. Zahouani, R. Vargiolu (LTDS).

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