GIS for the Göllüdag

The collaboration between the OUP and the KAOP directed by N. Balkan-Atli (Istanbul University) lead to a GIS which integrated the geological and archaeological data acquired by K. Erturaç (Post-doctoral Fellowship ANR/IFEA).

Balkan-Atlı N., Kuhn S., Astruc L., Kayacan N., Dinçer B., Balcı S., in collaboration with K. Erturaç, M. Grenet, 2011, Göllüdağ Survey 2010, Anatolia Antiqua XIX : 259-278.

Erturaç K., Astruc L., Balkan-Atlı N., in collaboration with Balcı S., Dinçer B., Kayacan N., Kuhn S.,A GIS for the Göllü Dağ’: 1/ Symposium Annuel du Département d’Archéologie de l’Université d’Istanbul, Istanbul, 3-5 mai 2011, Exposition permanente Istanbul University.2/ Exposition permanente ITÜ/EIES, Istanbul Technical University.

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